Co-op Shows Care for Prairie Edge Skaters

February 23, 2015
Co-op Shows Care for Prairie Edge Skaters

Written by Andie Maclowich


Students at the Prairie Edge School of Skating will have access to a great new resource thanks to the Moose Jaw Co-op Caring for the Community Fund.

The community fund has provided the skating school with a $2000 grant to go towards building a helmet and skate bank for Prairie Edge Skaters, and Kim Gillies, Vice President at Prairie Edge School of Skating, tells us more about how the bank will work:

"With the grant, we were able to purchase 22 pairs of skates and 7 helmets.  Of course, that's not enough to meet the needs of all of our skaters, so we are going to continually build the bank through donations.  It will be a short-term loan program, they will be able to borrow for the season, or for a short term before they are able to purchase their own skates."

The bank will also provide students with skates and helmets if they happen to grow out of their equipment during the long skating season, and Gillies says the program has been on their agenda for quite some time.

"It was a vision that our coach, Naomi Setter, has had for the club, to be able to provide skaters with helmets and skates.  We thought this would be a good avenue to try and make that happen and it did work out."


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