Moose Jaw Co-op Bargaining Questions and Answers

October 16, 2018
Moose Jaw Co-op Bargaining Questions and Answers


Does Moose Jaw Co-op have a second-tier wage scale?
Yes, it was agreed to by our union employees in 2014.

In 2014, Moose Jaw Co-op’s wage scales were significantly above the market. Our union employees voted in favour of implementing an adjusted wage scale that would apply to newly hired employees in the positions for which the wages varied the most from the market.  

Second-tier wage scales are common in the retail industry. Two of Moose Jaw Co-op’s major competitors, which are also represented by UFCW Local 1400, have had similar structures in their collective agreements since as early as 1995.

UFCW Local 1400 is focused on significantly changing this second tier that was agreed to by employees in the previous collective agreement.


Have employees been locked out?
No, our employees have not been locked out.

We respect our employees’ right to collective bargaining and to walk the picket line, but we have not locked employees out. We continue to encourage and welcome employees to cross the picket line to continue working.  


Does a second tier mean Moose Jaw Co-op employees are underpaid?
We have always compensated our employees well. Our second-tier employees earn as much as 50% more than tiered employees of our competitors and well above minimum wage.

During this current round of bargaining, Moose Jaw Co-op has not expanded the second tier, and has proposed to provide the same base wage increases to second tier employees as first tier employees.

Second-tier employees are eligible for the same industry-leading benefits as first-tier employees.  

Our second-tier employees earn as much as 50% more than tiered employees of our competitors. For example:

  • At competitors: Most clerks can earn a maximum of $13.50 per hour working for our two local unionized competitors who are also represented by UFCW Local 1400.
  • At Co-op: These employees will earn up to $19.85 per hour.

With our competitors, more experienced clerks can earn as much as $18.05 per hour. Based on our final offer, these same employees would earn up to $20.85 per hour at Co-op.  


Does Moose Jaw Co-op compensate its employees fairly?
Yes. Moose Jaw Co-op is an inclusive workplace and we treat all our employees with respect.

Regardless of gender, all new employees hired into the second tier with Moose Jaw Co-op are paid on the same wage schedule. On average, women at Moose Jaw Co-op earn more than their male colleagues, making the accusations on discriminatory pay against women unfounded.